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SimpleComb is a specially designed hair color applicator which can easily, fast and evenly apply hair color to reach the professional performance.

Especially good for root touching or straight long and short hair coloring. 

It's worry free and can be used at home. Coloring hair is no longer a difficult thing: neither spitting on everywhere, nor needing massaging hair for a long time. All can be handled by SimpleComb. All you need is combing through your hair like you normally do.

The time for applying hair coloring can be greatly reduced.

The foam of SimpleComb can absorb and carry hair color as combing through your hair the hair color will be evenly spread through your hair.

The finger on SimpleComb can prevent hair color getting onto scalp; it also can help splitting hair streams to evenly apply hair color.

SimpleComb is designed to be used by both left and right hand when you coloring hair on each side.

SimpleComb is reusable, easy to clean and store, lightly weighted, easy to carry.

Step 1: Prepare hair color following its instruction.
Step 2: Apply the prepared color onto SimpleComb or hair as following:
Option 1: Apply color product onto upper surface of SimpleComb.
Option 2: Apply color product directly onto hair.
Important: hold SimpleComb so the side with color face up when applying it to hair.
Step 3: Use SimpleComb(with hair color on it) to lightly and quickly comb through hair for coloring.
Tips: Comb to the opposite direction of hair tilting when coloring hair close to scalp.

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Using SimpleComb with Bottle:
Using SimpleComb with Bowl:
SimpleComb Root Touching and Coloring Long hair:
SimpleComb Coloring Short hair 1 (front):
SimpleComb Coloring Short hair 2 (back):